Repaint:  Petie 3rd (for P-51D Military)

 P-51D Mustang "Petie 3rd", 44-15041, 487th FS, 352nd FG,
8th AF, flown by Lt. Col. John C. Meyer from Nov 44 through
 Jan 45.
With great warrior instinct, Lt. Col. Meyer, Deputy CO of the 352nd FG, anticipated the Luftwaffe to attack on 1 Jan 
 1945, and so he and the P-51's of the 487th FS (352nd FG) lined up ready on the runway for immediate takeoff that morning
 at airbase Y-29 near Asch, Belgium.   As the Luftwaffe JG11 Fw190's and Bf109's attacked the airfield, the squadron of
 bluenosed P-51's quickly took to the air and fought the great air battle over the airbase to what became known as the
 Legend of Y-29. 





 Petie 3rd Repaint for A2A Simulations Wop3 P-51D (Military).  Repaint was made from A2A Simulations P-51D Paintkit.
(Updated to Rev B. 21-Feb-18)