Repaint:  Petie 2nd (for P-51D Military)

 P-51D Mustang "Petie 2nd", 44-14151, 487th FS, 352nd FG,
8th AF, flown by Lt. Col. John C. Meyer, Deputy C.O. of
 352nd. Maintained by crew chief S/Sgt W.F. Conkey, assistant crew Sgt. W.H. Kohlhas, and armorer Sgt. J.O. Bleidner. 
 An earlier paint scheme of Petie 2nd had white letters on the Petie logo and the victory crosses were in white. This later
 paint scheme has yellow/orange Petie logo, and the crosses are in bold yellow circa late Aug - Oct 1944


 Petie 2nd Repaint for A2A Simulations Wop3 P-51D (Military).  Repaint was made from A2A Simulations P-51D Paintkit.